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R.W Swartz lives and works in the high desert near Las Vegas Nevada. He is a father and  grandfather and also a retired veteran of the United States Army and Navy. 

Most of his work has been biogeographical.  After Cold Water, Cold Hearts, his future books  will be fictional in nature. 

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Love Me:

Picture of Young Kassi (model)

A look into the life of abuse, sex, drugs and bipolar disorder.

When Kassi was born in 1959 nobody knew that her life would be a train wreck waiting to happen. Early on her choices were made for her. In the begining there was love and understanding then after her parents divorce, leaving her with a monster of a step dad, Kassis actions became reactionary.  She developed a need for, saftey and escape. Drinking, drugs and running were all part of her young life.  As she grew up she became very beautiful and sexual abuse entered her world. Later she would use it to her advantage.

A true story about a women I met one night in San Diego California.

Available at all major booksellers on-line and E-book friendly everywhere!!!

Video Interviews with Kassi and others involved in her life

  1. This Video is called Sound Check. I needed a noise level and cut it off just as Kassi started into a rant about her customers and condoms. This was the first interview so I have included it.

2.  Kassi talks about her life on the streets

3. I'm A Delusion

Kassis Page

Cold Water, Cold Hearts:


A Mothers Search For her Son- Missing in Alaska

Wade Tackett disappeared one June Day while boating in Alaska.  A Cold Water Drowning was the obvious cause but no body was ever found.

Mary Tackett felt that foul play might have been involved but that was dismissed by the Alaska State Troopers.  Soon after that the sightings of Wade started to come in.

What Really Happened to Virgil Wade Tackett?

Coming by 2020

Updated Information comming soon.

Plays By R.W.Swartz



a play in two acts.

For years George has lived with the guilt of his wife and daughter’s death. Over time, guilt has taken ever greater control of his mind, and he blames his family for leaving him alone. Though he still “visits” them daily, every outing ends in their dying. With the same scenario and torment playing out over and over, George has become quite mad. Now as he is about to lose his family again, he hopes that the outcome will be different. His wife, Rebecca, has said that it will be, but in his paranoia, George is not sure. She has said this before then grown tired of the new game, and tragedy has repeated itself yet again.  Who is mad, who is not? Who is the victim, who is a killer? Who is who? Has Rebecca taken the thoughts of her tortured husband for her own purpose? Or does everyone’s existence reside in the mind of an evil madman?  A vivid drama that is at once a murder mystery, exploration of the nature of reality, and excursion into the darker reaches of love.

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Available at all major booksellers on-line and E-book friendly everywhere !!!

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