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For years George has lived with the guilt of his wife and daughter’s death. Over time, guilt has taken ever greater control of his mind, and he blames his family for leaving him alone. Though he still “visits” them daily, every outing ends in their dying. With the same scenario and torment playing out over and over, George has become quite mad. Now as he is about to lose his family again, he hopes that the outcome will be different. His wife, Rebecca, has said that it will be, but in his paranoia, George is not sure. She has said this before then grown tired of the new game, and tragedy has repeated itself yet again.


Who is mad, who is not? Who is the victim, who is a killer? Who is who? Has Rebecca taken the thoughts of her tortured husband for her own purpose? Or does everyone’s existence reside in the mind of an evil madman?


Robin Swartz spent time in the army and the navy, mostly as a medic and corpsman. Now retired from military service, he is an author and part-time playwright living in his home state of Alaska. He studied journalism at Grossmont College and San Diego State University. In addition to Snowblind, he has outlined two other plays and continues to search for life stories that would otherwise never be told. He is currently researching and writing a new book about an old missing-person case that is still open.

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